Speaking & Judging

I have spoken at conferences and judged wine in contests in China and abroad. In addition to the contests listed below, I have judged for Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition, Simply Bordeaux, WINE 100, Food and Wine Magazine and many others. A few examples of my activities:

2017.08.29 | Co-chair (with Andrew Caillard), Ningxia Winemakers Challenge (Beijing, China)

2017.06.09 | Speaker, “Is the Asian market redefining wine styles”, MUST Conference (Cascais, Portugal)

2017.05.17 | Judge, La Revue du Vin de France annual Chinese wine contest (Beijing, China)

2017.05.07 | Judge, Concours de Mondial (Validolid, Spain)

2017.03.28 | Co-chair (with Tal Gal-Cohen), First Israel wine master class in China (Beijing, China)

2017.01.23 | Chair, 8th Grape Wall Consumer Wine Challenge (Beijing, China)

2016.11.10 | Speaker, “Positioning Cool Climate Wines in China’s Market”, Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair (Hong Kong, China)

2016.05.28 | Keynote speaker, “Wine Production in Challenging Climates”, International Cool Climate Wine Symposium (Brighton, UK)

2015.09.02 | Keynote Speaker, 5th International Fig Symposium (Napoli, Italy)

2014.09.25 | Chair, Inaugural Ningxia Winemakers Challenge (Beijing, China)

2012.11 | Guest speaker, Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair (Hong Kong, China)

2012.09 | Support scientist, Ningxia Dry Land Farming and Water Conservation Demonstration, Asian Development Bank

2012.08.31 | Co-chair (with Jancis Robinson), Ningxia Wine Challenge (Yinchuan, China)

2012.04 | Speaker, First Global Conference on Wine Business Education (Sonoma State University, United States)

2010.04-2009.07 | Support scientist, Henan Agriculture Program Evaluation Team, Asian Development Bank

2010.02-2010.01 | Guest professor, EU Erasmus Mundus International Horticulture Master Program (Vienna, Austria)

2009.01-2008.07 | Visiting Scholar, Missouri State University (Springfield, Missouri, United States)

2008.06 | Speaker, Chile National Wine Market Meeting

2008-2004 | Joint program coordinator, China Agricultural University and Wageningen UR International Horticulture and Management (IHM)

2007.10 | Speaker, International and Interdisciplinary Symposium on Cultural Studies of Wine in China and Germany

2007.03-2007.01 | Guest professor, EU Erasmus Mundus Vintage Master Program, France, Italy and Greece

2007.08.08 | Organizer, “International Workshop on Wine Warket in China” (Beijing, China)

2007-2004 Consultant, Onoefrance (Bordeaux, France)

2006.08 | Organizer, “Sino-Israel-US-EU Grape Workshop” (Beijing, China)

2006.03-2006.01 | Guest professor, EU Erasmus Mundus Vintage Master Program (France, Italy and Portugal)